Have you had the pleasure of hearing Tygressa perform her tribute to Natalie Cole? Let us know your thoughts!!!

9 thoughts on “Accolades”

  1. Good Morning,

    Since we first met I have been in awe of you. Just like everyone who has the pleasure of meeting you. I too marveled at the MBA, JD, Mother, Wife, Working and selling out club venues around the region. So that means rehearsals, logistics, contracts, tickets, radio interviews, hair/makeup and fittings for beautiful gowns. Throw in some peace and calm for the cool in you…which has to be grounded in a spiritual belief in a supreme power. Mix it all up and you got one bad ass woman. The show was fantastic. You looked amazing. The ambiance of the room was perfect for your glow and grace on stage. Your makeup was flawless. The sequenced mic was just the right touch to bring the glamour to each of the songs you performed. Ms. Cole would have been proud of your interpretations of her music. When the band started belting out Annie Mae, my shoes started to swing, and the just for me shout out made it extra special. It was a great way to spend a Friday evening. However what really made the evening and you rise to the top of my super woman list happened on Saturday morning when I woke up and checked my phone. After all you had to do to make sure the show was unforgettable, there was an email from you at 1:03 am (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT). My first thought was “that is one bad ass woman” (sophisticated lady). THANKS!!!!!


  2. I’m not normally at a loss for words when it comes to posting on social media. But I’ve spent the last hour (and gone through 2 cups of coffee) trying to come up with ways to describe last night’s Tygressa Sings Natalie performance at Blues Alley. Impeccable vocals. A very tight band. Vocal technicians (I don’t refer to them as “background singers”) who were on point on every note. A stirring duet on “Unforgettable” featuring TreSoul TheArtist. She kept the audience enthralled with each song. And had wonderful little anecdotes between each song.

    Blues Alley was PACKED!!!! If you missed it, then you MISSED IT!!!

    Congratulations Tygressa Sings Natalie. You did the damn thang!!!!


  3. What can I say except that your true NATALIE COLE came out last evening. You are a True Artist. You and your amazing band and supporting vocalist were GREAT. A TRUE EVENING OF ENTERTAINMENT. Everyone reading this The next time you hear of Tygressa Sings Natalie, GO.


  4. All I can say is..WOW!!!!!!! Now I know why people talked about you so much and said have you ever seen Tygressa!!! Well now I can clearly say yes I have and she is absolutely AMAZING. You voice is so powerful and clean!!!! You are amazing, beautiful, talented and a voice to be heard! What a show! I’m not a major Natalie Cole fan but I am now. Lol. She is in Heaven probably giving you a standing ovation. Your band is GREAT! And your background singers are beautiful and incredible! I am so happy I came to see you. Thank you for inviting me. You’re awesome Ty!


  5. She was Beautiful….She was Poised….She was in Great Voice…. Her “Drag” was Fierce…. Her face was Beat To The Gods….She Sang….She is….Tygressa Sings Natalie! What a great show!! Thank you Janice Alexander and Brian Keith Alexander for inviting me out!


  6. My being blessed with knowing Tygressa all of her life, sharing the same lineage – I have witnessed her sequence of movement through her life, always courageous, faithful, generous and ever so humble. I have seen her gather her pots, choosing the richest and most fertile soil she could encounter, commence to plant and nurture her dream seeds….creating a most wonderful bouquet.
    Her performances are amazing !!!!!!!


  7. Talking about last night’s “Tygressa Sings Natalie” performance at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater, I have to begin with one word: “WOW!”

    Tygressa performed two sets of Natalie Cole classics and a couple of tribute songs to her dad, Nat King Cole, done to perfection.

    Under the musical direction of guitarist AI Carter, the band was on point from beginning to end. A Natalie Cole fan would know the song within the first few nots.

    The vocal technicians (sorry, I hate the term “background singers”), Angela Stewart, Gerri Stewart, Shelton Cornelius Price and Tre Soul The Artist, on their own, are all among the most elite vocalists in the DMV.

    Tygressa’s daugter, Johna, a veteran of ballet, pointe, tap and jazz dance, performed a stirring routine that left the audience riveted.

    With the band clad in tuxedos, with Tygressa wearing a beautiful gold gown in the 2nd set, “class” was the theme of the evening. But then, when “Tygressa sings Natalie”, it always is.

    Talking about last night’s “Tygressa Sings Natalie” performance at the Kennedy Center’s’ Terrace Theater, I have to CLOSE with one word: “WOW!”


  8. What an awesome performance… Natalie would have been proud. Keep dreaming the dream…casting the vision and working hard to make it a reality. When you say it…own it and lay it out in vivid detail and then work towards it, one step at a time — anything is possible…..Thanks for inspiring us.


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