“Tygressa Sings Natalie” has been a dream of mine as an artist for many years.  However, it was first expressed verbally during a meeting where, as part of a behavioral interview assessment, the question was asked:  “If you could do one thing on your bucket list, what would it be?”  Without hesitation, and because of my love for singing, I replied:  “I would like to pay homage to Natalie Cole, singing her songs accompanied by a live orchestra.”  When asked, “What would that look like and who would be in attendance?”  Like when that 11 year old little girl first fell in love with Natalie and her music, with much excitement, I quickly answered, “there would be thousands of people in the audience … my family (my support system), friends and, if I could make it happen, Natalie Cole herself would be sitting in the front row!”  From that day forward, and as a result of that inspiration-filled meeting, motions were put into play — the set list, talented musicians and singers, rehearsals dates, etc.  Although Natalie’s untimely death ensued just one year later, the desire to perform a tribute in her honor has never been stronger! Thus, Tygressa Sings Natalie” is realized.  A very special ‘Thank You’ to that someone who “sparked the inner flame” and being instrumental in me living a dream — I appreciate you.  Enjoy the show!